The TomKat Center for Sustainable Energy was established in 2009 with a generous gift from two Stanford alumni, husband-and-wife team Tom Steyer and Kat Taylor. With the goal of transforming the world’s energy and transportation systems to make them sustainable, the center was formed to harness the skills and creativity of Stanford’s faculty and students. Over five years the center has awarded a total of $6.1 million in research funding through 17 seed grants and 18 Innovation Transfer grants. The seed grants have supported 28 Stanford faculty members performing early-stage, high-risk, high-reward research. The Innovation Transfer program has supported teams comprising over 50 Stanford students and alumni and 14 faculty advisors. In support of its mission to educate future energy leaders, the center has also held five Connecting the Dots symposia and placed 15 Stanford students in energyStartup summer internships. In celebration of its five-year anniversary, the TomKat Center held a reception that welcomed the diverse energy community it has helped foster, including Stanford faculty, students, staff, external industry experts, and cleantech investors. A video highlighting the major accomplishments of the center was premiered at the event.

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