Popular Asian Themed Slot Machines Online

Slot machines have been here for a while and the days where they had a standardized Theme are long gone. Slots are now customized for various purposes like, to make them attractive, relatable or even to serve as an inspiration to the players. With the technological strides made in terms of graphics, it is easier to add on any theme of choice, and Asian themes are gaining popularity.


There are many Asian themed slot games out there, including pachinko online, and this is because there are a variety of aspects to consider. Some of the popular themes are cited below with explanations for their likely popularity.


Asia has a rich and diverse cultural history from which one can draw inspiration for slots machine themes. One aspect of oriental culture is the mystical folklore full of dragons and gods of prosperity. These folklores have gained popularity throughout the world being adapted into media, merchandise, literature, and many other forms of entertainment so naturally; it had to be incorporated into the slot.


The folklore often would include aspects of luck, power, and courage as lessons to be drawn; thus, these virtues would be relevant in games like slots. Slots under this theme include the way of the dragons, fucanlong, dragon dance and 50 dragons.


There is a lot of mysticism attached to the number 8 among the Asians, especially the Chinese. The number is believed to be the luckiest number and anything connoting the number is also believed to be lucky. Therefore, attaching this number to slots will automatically gain popularity because of the belief that it will bring good fortune, luck, and prosperity. Examples of popular number 8 slots include; lucky88 by aristocrats and 108 Heroes Multiplier Fortunes, a product of Microgaming, great 88 by bet soft gaming.


One of the unique animals’ native to Asia is the panda, which is only found in China. The panda is an adorable animal. This is contributed by its chubby looks, black and white fur coat and gentle nature. Slots have therefore been made with this theme and this include; Panda Pow, Panda cash and age of panda warriors.


Samurai were a noble class of military officers of medieval and early modern Japan. They were intensively trained thus highly skilled in, military skills and grand strategy. They were also associated with an ethical, moral compass, and great virtues. All these are qualities many would like to be associated with, and samurai have celebrated the class of people in Asia. This makes them a popular theme in the slot and slots such as Samurai and Samurai princess have come up.


The Chinese zodiac is an essential aspect of Chinese culture, and this also incorporated in Asian themed slots. The zodiac animal signs are also used to assign years, and there are positive attributes attached to each animal that people can find an animal to relate to. There are slot games, therefore, developed to match this theme either to associate with the positive attributes or the period it was designed. Examples include zodiac wilds, year of the monkey, year of the rooster.


There are many Asian theme online slots in the market, and their numbers keep on increasing due to the increasing number in the Asian market, which easily relates to this theme. Also, this is due to the increase in popularity of the themes from non-Asian users who view them as exotic.


Among all the features and aspects of the Asian people, resources, and culture, the prevalent themes turn out to be products of their folklore, the dragons. The number 8 and its many multiples are also popular due to their allusions to luck. Other themes are also popular but to a lesser degree.